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We want GuildPlot to empower guilds and clans to build better sites and communities. Building a site from the ground up is no easy task and the barrier to entry keeps many people from achieving the site they want to make their guild feel special and set apart from the rest. With GuildPlot we hope to give you that power to make something in your groups image. We are always listening to the community to further understand everyone's unique individual needs and look forward to building this service with you.


One of our flagship features is Alliances. It allows multiple sites to join under one banner. When a site owner creates an alliance other site owners can join that alliance. Once approved by the alliance leader they can then begin to share information between sites like news, chat, forums, and more.

All of these points of integration can be managed by each site in the alliance to only show access for features that are relevant to their site.

Social Networking

GuildPlot allows you to not only host a website for you and your members. It also brings you many of the robust social networking elements you've come to expect. Make friends and share content on your profile. Chat with a friend or send out a group message to many friends. It doesn't just stop there every GuildPlot account and every user is in the same system even if they are not on your website. This allows you to make friends in and outside of your own network with ease.

Guild Hosting the way it should be. is a new Guild Website Hosting Service that  provides a great place to not only host your guild, but also grow a 
community around what you love.

With support for the hottest games like...

About GuildPlot

Guild Plot: Website Hosting By Gamers For Gamers GuildPlot started as a small project for Immortal Sanctum Gaming which is an alliance of friends in smaller guilds that are playing separate games. They needed a way to have their own websites but also stay engaged as a community as a whole. The search went on to find a home for a community this unique. Unable to find a host that meet the requirements a custom solution was becoming the only option. The construction of GuildPlot then just named Immortal Sanctum Gaming (as it was just used privately by the community) started in hopes of reaching the goal of creating a service that could not only host individual websites but also allow them to be connected and share information thus alleviating the need to hop between multiple sites just to stay up to date with the community.

The years passed and the site grew along with it's feature set. Soon it became apparent that this was a waste to keep the site all to themselves. So began the mission to open the service to the public so others could make use of it. is now one of the Best places to host your guild. Whether you plan on creating a solo guild or joining a larger Gaming Network it's all possible with GuildPlot.



Website Customization!

Our sites are very customizable from site themes to page layouts. Our site editors have been designed in-house from the ground up to give users the best experience.


Mobile Ready!

Most of our interaction with websites and services tend to be on the go away from desktop sources. With this in mind we have dedicated a considerable amount of our efforts on building a mobile eco-system for our users. Whether you are using our mobile site or native android application there are many ways to stay in touch with your gaming friends on the go.



With GuildPlot not only can you host a website for your clan, but you can also network with other sites and make alliances. This features allows users to easily navigate between each site. Various site modules like Calendars, Forums, and Chat also gain extra functionality to share content between sites. These things can help grow stronger alliances between sites as users can get information quicker by not always needing to leave their own site to communicate with others.


Social Networking!

Sharing a great raid moment that you uploaded to Youtube with your friends can be as easy as posting it on your profile wall. Many of the features you'd expect from a social network have already been integrated into GuildPlot's user system.

Each user gets their own profile when they sign up where they can upload images and post messages for their friends to see and enjoy.

User Feedback!

Here at GuildPlot we take user feedback seriously. Many user submitted ideas have already been incorporated into the site in one form or another. We believe in creating a service that our users want to use. This requires us listening to your feedback to see if we are hitting the mark and your voice is being heard.

With you will have access to some awesome features 

Website Hosting
For Gaming Communities.

like a fully featured Page Editor, File Browser, Custom Theme Editor, and more...

And that's not all. Take a look at our

Full List of Features!

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